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Apple Features IPhone 6 And Ipnone 6 Plus

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Consumer reviews found that both units aren't rather as versatile while the press has suggested, and continued to try the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus after accounts of bending. In a three point flexural test, the iPhone 6 Plus encountered 90 lbs of force before bending, while the iPhone 6 survived 70 lbs as opposed to two products will likely be put through during daily-use, of power, that will be more force.

To help create its devices better to utilize one-approved, Apple has added in a new double tap property option touch termed "Reachability," which goes products from your the top of screen to the screen for fast access' underside.

Affected users have described that products which have bent have been substituted by Apple. The iPhone 6 Plus is less vulnerable when put into a rigid case to twisting as shown in another video, and customers also can prevent twisting the iPhone before seated, by removing it from a pocket.

A number of various websites, Apple released a record in response to most of the media focus that the iphone 6 plus Plus bending issues gained indicating that with usual use, bending within the iPhone is "extremely unusual." The company stated that only eight shoppers had reported of a bent iPhone 6 Plus.

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